How was I chosen for jury service?

Every two years, a three-person Jury Commission for your county oversees the compiling of a Master Jury List of county residents who are either licensed drivers or registered voters, or both. Your name was drawn at random from that master list. Though your Jury Duty notice is mailed by the Sheriff's Office, your name is selected randomly by the Clerk of Court's office.

Clerk of Courts

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1. How was I chosen for jury service?
2. Who is eligible to serve as a juror in the North Carolina courts?
3. Do I have to respond to the jury summons?
4. What if I can’t serve on the date I have been told to report to the courthouse?
5. Will my employer fire me if I serve as a juror?
6. Will the state pay me for jury duty?
7. Where do I go to report for jury duty?
8. What types of cases will I hear?
9. What should I wear?
10. How long will I have to serve?
11. If there is an emergency at home, how will my family contact me?
12. How will I know what to do as a juror?
13. Will I be locked up in a hotel during the trial?
14. Why are some jurors dismissed and not allowed to sit for a trial?