Absentee Voting

Voting By Mail

Who May Vote Absentee By Mail 

Any qualified voter in North Carolina may request to vote an absentee ballot by mail. Absentee voting is not allowed in some municipal elections.

How to Apply 

To apply for an absentee ballot by mail you must complete the state-approved request form.  This form must be completed, signed, and returned to our office before we can send out your absentee ballot.  The form can be found on either our homepage or the Forms & Brochures page of this site or the NC State Board of Elections website.

Upon receipt of the completed Absentee Ballot Request Form, the board of elections will send you an absentee ballot and instructions for completing the ballot. Ballots will be available by mail 50 days prior to a Primary, 60 days prior to the General Election, and 30 days prior to a Municipal Election.

You may submit your Absentee Ballot Request Form at any time, but no later than the Tuesday prior to Election Day. The request can be made by the voter, a near relative, or verifiable legal guardian.

Military & Overseas Personnel Go Here 

Returning Your Absentee Ballot

Once the Absentee Application and Certificate (on return envelope) have been fully executed the envelope with ballot inside must be returned to our office no later than 5:00 p.m. on Election Day.  Ballots delivered in person must be delivered by the voter, the voter’s near relative or verifiable legal guardian.  Detailed instructions and return options will be included with the ballot.

*Starting in 2023 voter's must include a photocopy of an acceptable ID inside the “photo ID envelope” that comes with their ballot. Or they may complete an ID Exception Form with the absentee ballot return envelope. 

Ballots received after 5:00 p.m. on Election Day will be timely ONLY if they:

  • Are received by mail AND
  • Bear a postmark that is dated on or before the date of the election AND
  • Are received no later than 5:00 p.m. on the third day following the election.

Once your ballot has been returned to the board of elections, it may not be withdrawn. If your ballot has not been returned and your circumstances change, you may vote in person on Election Day but you must present the ballot you were mailed. If the ballot is damaged you will be issued a replacement ballot.

One-Stop Early Voting

To vote at a One-Stop site simply give the Poll Worker your name and address. To expedite the process the Poll Worker may ask you for your Date of Birth.  The Poll Worker will verify your registration using a computer and if you are registered allow you to vote.  If you are not registered you may register and vote at any One-Stop Early Voting location in the county.  Voters will have to present an acceptable Photo ID when they appear to vote or complete an ID Exception Form.