Property Revaluations

For information about Property Revaluations and the appeals process associated with it, please visit our revaluations page. Property Revaluations


Nash County offices of the tax assessor and the tax collector are combined into a single office responsible for listing, appraising, and assessing real and personal property, and for collecting taxes due on that property. The department also processes applications for tax relief and tax that may be granted under state law.

Tax Rate

In the spring, after the Board of County Commissioners establishes the tax rate for the coming fiscal year, taxes due are computed on the basis of real and personal property owned. Tax bills are printed and mailed to property owners in July or August of each year.

The par amount of the bill must be paid if the payment is made at any time up to and through January 5 of the following calendar year. On January 6 and thereafter, interest is assessed on the basis of delinquency.

What This Department Does Not Do