Planning & Inspections


The Planning & Inspections Department manages the land development and permitting processes of Nash County by assisting citizens and development professionals with specific projects, enforcing regulations, and advising policy boards in order to create a safe building environment that protects local property investments.

Transportation Planning for the region is performed by the Upper Coastal Plain Rural Planning Organization (, which is housed in the Nash County Planning & Inspections Department. The RPO coordinates with NCDOT, local counties and towns, and consults with neighboring metropolitan transportation planning groups to develop plans for transportation projects and funding.

The department also performs a variety of special research projects and represents the County on intergovernmental projects and committees, such as the 2015 Nash Edgecombe Wilson Hazard Mitigation Plan, Twin Counties Visioning, and the Healthy Kids Collaborative (DEPC).

Contact for Permits

Nash County Land Use Plan

Nash County adopted a new comprehensive land use plan in 2022. Click the link below to view the plan in full. The file is large and may take a minute to open.

Nash County Comprehensive Land Use Plan


Adam Tyson Planning Director
Email 252-459-9809
Aaron Chalker Senior Planner Email 252-459-1212
Tommy Jones Planner Email 252-459-1686
Windy Braswell
Planning Technician
Email 252-462-2669
Jessica Flores Planning Technician Email 252-462-2668
Kevin Marks
Chief Code Enforcement Officer
Email 252-459-9808
Tim Vaughan Code Enforcement Officer II Email 252-459-9842
Blaine Silver
Code Enforcement Officer I
Email 252-459-1548
Vacant Code Enforcement Officer I Email 252-462-2610
Debbie Baines Permit Specialist (Part-Time) Email 252-462-2478