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GIS Data

  • Parcels - Property Boundaries and Non-Parcel/Lease Areas with Tax Data attributes
  • Address Points
  • Roads - Centerlines and Exit/Mile marker locations
  • Elections - Board of Education, Commissioner, Congressional, House, Senate, City of Rocky Mount Wards, Voting Precincts, Voting Locations
  • City/Town Limits and Districts - City/Town Limits, ETJs, Townships, Agriculture Districts, County Boundary
  • Emergency Services (EMS) - County/City Dispatched Agencies and Fire Insurance Districts
  • Places - Community and Crossroads, Government Facilities, Landfill and Convenient Centers, Public Libraries, Schools
  • Infrastructure - Elevated Structures (i.e. Cell and Radio Towers), Railroad, Utility Water System Points (Hydrants, Water Towers, valves, etc.)
  • Planning - Zoning (County and all Municipalities Zoning excluding the City of Rocky Mount), Land Development Plan 2006, Airport Zone Elevations, Airport Zones, Flood Zones, USGS N.H.D. Watersheds, USGS N.H.D. Blueline Streams, USGS N.H.D. Water-bodies, NCDEQ Limited Watershed Protection Areas, NCDEQ Water Supply Watersheds
  • Other - N.C. DOT Contours, USGS Monuments, Soils, 2010 Census (Tracts, Block Groups, and Blocks), Tar River, School Attendance Districts (Elementary, Middle, and High School)

Tax Export Data

  • Tax Data - Delimited 'CSV' file that contains all the tax data, along with headers, used to populate the Nash County Parcel data.

Aerial Photography

Aerial Photography for the following years - 1997, 2004, 2008, 2013, 2017 - is also available from Nash County G.I.S.
Call (252) 459-1506 for more information on cost and delivery methods.

Historical Parcels