Dear Nash County Connect GIS users,


  We apologize for the issues that have been occurring the past few weeks with the Nash County GIS website. The GIS website is hosted and managed by an outside vendor. We have notified the vendor of the ongoing performance issues of the site and are awaiting their resolution. Normally, they are very responsive in correcting issues and we have not had an issue with them in the past. As a result, of these ongoing issues, Nash County is currently seeking an alternative solution for the GIS website and is hoping to have it implemented in the very near future. In the interim, please know we are aware of the issues with the GIS website and are working toward a better solution for our customers.


Thank you for your understanding,


-Brad Parker

Nash County GIS Administrator



The Geographic Information System (GIS) Division of the Nash County Planning Department provides 9-1-1 addressing, maps, map related data, and analysis to both the public and other county departments.