Reporting Animal Issues

Animal Ordinance

The Animal Ordinance requires all dogs and cats be vaccinated against rabies in compliance with State Law and regulates animal behavior. Animals are considered a nuisance or in violation of the ordinance if they are shown to:
  • Repeatedly or Habitually tip over garbage cans
  • Repeatedly or Habitually damage gardens, flowers, etc.
  • Molest passersby, including cars and bikes
  • Defecate in other yards
  • Attack other domestic animals while off their property
  • Be at large
  • Be unvaccinated (as required)

All complaints should be reported to Nash County Animal Control. The complaint may be mailed, emailed or called in to Animal control. Describe the problem identifying the animal, owner and location (911 addresses are best).

Nash County Animal Control
PO Box 849
921 First Street Extension
Nashville, NC 27856
(252) 459-9855

When a complaint is received about a violation of the ordinance, an officer is dispatched to investigate the complaint. If a violation is confirmed, an oral warning to stop the violation is given to the owner. If another complaint is received and confirmed about the same violation, a written warning is issued. A third confirmed complaint will result in a civil fine, to be paid to the Nash County Health Department.

Be a responsible pet owner. Care for you animals and respect the rights of your neighbors.

Spay or Nueter your pet(s) to reduce pet overpopulation.