Landfill Acceptable Materials

Materials that can be dumped into the C&D landfill:

• Waste generated from the construction, demolition, remodeling, repair or renovation of buildings, pavement or other structures. Fiberglass items including tubs, hot tubs and shower fixtures are acceptable,

• Inert debris including concrete, brick, concrete block, uncontaminated soil, gravel and rock,

• Land-clearing debris including stumps, limbs, and brush,

• Asphalt,

• Roofing material, Shingles, Metal, Rubber,

• Barrels and drums if open and empty,

• Non-friable asbestos (the type in shingles, siding and flooring that doesn’t crumble) can be accepted in the landfill but requires special handling. Call at least an hour before bringing to alert staff. To keep dust at a minimum wet the material prior to transport.

• Mobile Homes can be accepted at no charge if the landfill is notified in advance and a demolition permit is received from the Nash County Planning and Inspections Department.

*If bringing waste to the landfill please make every effort to arrive by 4:15 PM to allow time for weigh in, dumping and weigh out. The landfill does not accept waste before 8:00 AM

*Scavenging is not permitted at the landfill, or any of the collection sites at the landfill property.

*Citizens and businesses wishing to dump at the landfill must be prepared to unload their own waste material. County staff are not allowed to assist.

*Conditions at the landfill can be very muddy, be prepared in wet weather.

second CD landfill photo