About the Market

Cooperative Extension

In addition to our educational mission, the Nash County office of the North Carolina Cooperative Extension Service is proud to have been trusted with the responsibility of managing this regional farmers market.


Opening in April 2005, the farmers market provides area farmers a facility for retail sales of their products. This market permits farmers to sell products which they actually produce. This encourages local farmers to increase their production. This market philosophy is consistent with long term economic development and preservation of our local farming community.

As a result of its dependence upon locally grown products, the market operating schedule reflects the seasonal availability of agricultural products. Emphasis is given to the quality and uniqueness of products. As this relatively new market grows toward maturity, a gradually increasing number of participating farmers, product volume and product variety are expected.

Many think of this farmers market as nice, new buildings in an excellent location. While all of this is true, The farmers market is actually the dynamic activity of all of the people involved in growing, harvesting, selling, buying and sometimes just coming to visit.

Market Manager

A market manager coordinates daily market operations, assigning space for sellers and assisting customers. He or she also promotes the growth and integrity of the market by conducting on-farm inspections of participating farms. The market manger is always seeking additional farmers to increase product variety.

Advisory Board

The Farmers Market Advisory Board sets and adjusts market operational guidelines to ensure market success. The individuals on this board intentionally represent farmers, market customers and the community in which the market is located. This market advisory board is dedicated to keeping the market true to its original mission, which is to serve the Rocky Mount, North Carolina area as a real farmers market.